Ever wondered how things might go if you had the misfortune to be highsided off your bike at 60mph, without any protective clothing and wearing a backpack?

Well… Steve did the research for us.

And here’s what he had to say in the email accompanying these photos that he sent in to Kriega USA:

“Had a wreck today, not wearing a motorcycle jacket, and I’m convinced the [Kriega] R25 saved my back and other areas as I slid across the ground. Destroyed the left-side harness completely, but the rest of the pack took the beating well! I’ll be ordering another.”

Now, while we in no way claim that our gear is designed as personal protective equipment (although stay tuned for information on safety-related upgrades in the not too distant future), we are extremely pleased that they excellent fit and premium quality materials / manufacturing techniques utilized in all our gear went some way towards helping a Kriega wearer walk away from what could have been a very nasty situation indeed.

Take care, Steve! Share

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